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Nowadays, competitiveness is growing increasingly, so that companies invest a great deal of resources in building innovative elements to distinguish them from other companies offering similar products or services in the market.

Likewise, thanks to tools such as the Internet, it is rather easy to go beyond borders.

In view of this framework, we understand the efforts made by companies in order to launch their goods and services within a geographical area the broader, the better through important investments in marketing, R+D, advertising, etc.

Industrial Property enables to protect immaterial creations (trademarks, innovations, industrial designs) by means of their registration in the corresponding territorial registry.

Thus, the owner obtains exclusive rights and is entitled, on the one hand, to forbid their unauthorized use and, on the other hand, to assign their commercial use through licenses and franchises.

MAPA TRADEMARKS is made up of professionals specialized in the field of IP, copyright and domain names.

It is important to point out that these rights are always protected within a specific territory.

Therefore, it is essential to know the countries of main interest for each company in order to market their products or offer their services before defining the most accurate strategy to protect their trademarks.

In the case of patents and designs, moreover, the territorial scope should be determined from the very beginning since, after the deadline to claim priority (one year and six months respectively), their protection will not be granted in any other country.

In MAPA TRADEMARKS we put our experience to the service of our clients so as to protect their intangible assets worldwide, preventing thus third parties from taking advantage of the investments made to launch a product or to create an innovation. Otherwise, not only profits would decrease and consumers might be deceived, but even the reputation of the company could be damaged if the products offered are of lower quality.